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Precision Machining Process Capabilities


    Advanced CNC equipment specializes in customizing low-volume machining components & parts for customers in the automation, medical, semiconductor, communications, automotive, optical, waterjet industries .

Process Materials TypeSize RangeAccuracy
MillingCNC850×510×500 mm0.01 mm
MillingCNC600×400×450 mm0.005 mm
MIllingCNC500×400×300 mm0.01 mm
MillingCNC1400×500×700 mm0.005 mm
MillingCNC800×400×508 mm0.005 mm
MillingCNC700×400×450 mm0.03 mm
MillingCNC500×400×300 mm0.01 mm
MillingCNC800×500×450 mm0.01 mm
MillingCNC850×500×450 mm0.01 mm
Turning CNCΦ300-4000.01 mm
Turning CNCΦ350-10000.01 mm
Turning CNCΦ200-5000.01 mm
Turning CNCΦ300-6000.05 mm
GrindingCNC1000x500x5000.002 mm
GrindingCenterless Grinding0-Φ50×450 mmRoundness:  0.001 mm
Straightness: 0.005 mm
GrindingCylindrical Grinding 0-Φ60×300 mmRoundness:   0.005 mm
Straightness: 0.001 mm

Special machining processes

Hard turning

Our hard turning process can machine parts with hardness over 52 HRC after heat treatment, maximum turning diameter of 300mm, turning length up to 1000mm, dimensions tolerance 0.01mm, and roughness Ra0.005mm

High Precision O.D. Grinding (Centerless Grinding)

The precision grinding capability is employed for shafts with diameter within50mm, length within 450mm, diameter tolerance of 0.001mm, cylindricity up to 0.005mm, available for both through-feed and infeed.

High Precision I.D. & O.D. (Universal O.D. Grinding)

The precision grinding capability enables us to machine shafts with diameter within60mm, length within 300mm, roundness of 0.005mm, and cylindricity of 0.001mm. Inner holes range from 3mm to 100mm.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment: Horibont cooperates with many surface treatment suppliers, the products can be heat treated and the surface can be blackened, oxidized, nitrided, sprayed, plated carburization and other surface treatment solutions.