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Surface Treatment
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Surface Treatment


    Horibont is a manufacturer of CNC machined parts & components, sheet metal, and die-casting that produce high-quality precision parts. We continuously develop and optimizes production processes to save customers costs, time, and after-sales services.So the following metal product surface treatments are for your reference so that you can get a perfect choice.


Suitable for various materials

Zinc Plating

Environmental non-cyanide zinc plating on steel and die casting parts

Chromium Plating

Chromium plating on the steel parts

Aluminum Anodizing

Anodizing and hard anodizing on a normal aluminum profile, machining and die castings aluminum parts, and all kinds of chemical conversion

power coating

Painting and dry film on aluminum, stainless steel, and steel parts

Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum parts

Cadmium Plating

Cadmium plating on steel and aluminum parts

Acid Cleaning

Acid cleaning for stainless steel castings, heat treated parts, super alloy, aluminum alloy, and titanium alloy parts


Passivation of all kinds of stainless steel


Zinc and manganese phosphating of normal castings and machining parts


Electrophoresis on the steel parts


Polishing on the stainless steel and zinc alloy parts


Brushing  on the stainless steel parts , aluminum alloy parts etc.