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Optical Instrument
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Optical Instrument

HoribontPrecision' metal parts department  provides high-quality optical instrument components and service to the medical and industrial field

In Horibont, the company has been providing high-quality precision optical instrument components to medical and industrial field customers of optical instrument manufacturers for more than ten years. Our precision CNC milling and turning expertise enable us to provide complex optical manufacturing with extremely high precision and quality levels, which is required by this demanding industry. Our manufacturing capabilities (including precision machining, die castings, and sheet metal ) allows us to manufacture high-precision, high-quality components for the optical industry that can meet or exceed international industry standards and all customer requirements. Typical applications of our products include:

Optical Instrument

Optical measuring instruments

Optical testing instruments


Machine vision device

Multimedia microscopy

Optical Machine

Metallography and hardness tester

Optical surveying and mapping instruments

Fiber optic instrument

Optical test equipment and tools

Digital optics

Laser instrument

Medical optics

Infrared thermal image

At Horibont, we will quickly and efficiently turn your custom designs into precision optical components. Whether you need prototype parts or mass production, we have the experience and expertise to provide world-class processed optical components for your project.

For other information about our manufacturing capabilities and one-stop service in order to obtain high-quality, high-tolerance optical manufacturing, please follow horibont and contact our project team