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One-stop-shop Solutions
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One-Stop-Shop Solutions

We provide a comprehensive one-stop solution covering the manufacturing of precision component covering the entire product life cycle.

We are a continuously developing integrated manufacturer of high precision, high complexity and mission-critical die casting and CNC machining and sheet metal parts, and provide comprehensive surface treatment and heat treatment services. We produce and provide customized products and services according to customer requirements.

We have established a complete production model that enables us to provide a comprehensive one-stop solution that covers the entire product life cycle of precision parts manufacturing. Our manufacturing capabilities cover the entire die casting component production process from mold design and manufacturing, die casting, secondary processing, heat treatment, surface treatment to finish machining, enabling us to provide customers with ready-made products and services. In addition to mass production, we also provide a full set of services to meet customer needs, including market analysis, early product development stage prototype design, continuous research and development support, logistics and other supply chain support.

Product Development

We have a highly skilled and innovative product project team. From the initial parts design concept, parts development to after-sales service, we all work together with customers. Our products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions, and are deeply loved by customers. We are proud of our services and products.

One-Stop-Shop Solutions

New product

Our product team provides recommendations for design optimization, material selection, manufacturability improvement, cost reduction, and inspection.

One-Stop-Shop Solutions

Rapid prototyping

The 3D printing function allows us to quickly respond to customer needs for a few to 1,000 pieces to meet their needs for design verification or small batch production.

One-Stop-Shop Solutions

After-sales service

For your feedback and complaints, our 24-hour online service will allow after-sales team to quickly establish contact with you and respond, and you are also welcome to guide our work.

Comprehensive and flexible manufacturing

The design and layout of Horibont's production equipment is designed to provide comprehensive manufacturing capabilities for a variety of products and services; our flexible manufacturing principles throughout the manufacturing system enable us to produce sophisticated and complex orders in various batches. The comprehensiveness and flexibility of our products and services underscore our unique advantages in winning customer trust and business opportunities. By partnering with Horibont, our customers can quickly adapt to changing market trends, accelerate product launch times, and optimize their inventory levels.

In addition, with the support of our precision machining and heat treatment and surface treatment, machined products, die casting and sheet metal products help customers simplify the procurement process and save additional production costs, and ensure that we can strictly monitor each production link So that we can deliver high-quality products to customers.

Delivery and logistics

We could arrange sea , air, express(DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT and SF)transportation for you and rail transportation are available for you to choose.

Our logistics services include:

Order and shipment tracking

Freight forwarding and customs handling

Domestic stock

Delivery on time.

One-Stop-Shop Solutions