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HoribontPrecision is a solution-based provider of security equipment metal parts service, aiding our customers for more than 10 years. Our main focus is to find suitable solutions for our customer's security business and establish a reliable and lasting business relationship.

After development and evolution, the security monitoring industry has gradually developed into a mature industry with a huge market. With the widespread of smart cities now, the security industry will transform and upgrade to scale, automation, and intelligence.

Horibont supplies a broad range of components for industry manufacturers, including PTZ, bracket, protective cover, monitor, video amplifier, video distributor, video switcher, screen splitter, video recorder

Horibont also provides various one-stop solutions for all of our products, including

On-site project team support

Rapid prototyping

Tooling design and production

High quality die casting

Precision machining

Heat treatment

Surface treatment


Delivery and support services

Monitoring equipment


Horibont monitoring equipment manufacturing includes CCTV, camera housings, brackets, protective covers and video housings and video recorder housings.

Capabilities for the Sesurity equipment Sector

Die casting

Horibtot's die castings meet all material specifications, including:



DIN standard


ISO Standard


We produce die-casting parts with complex dimensions and geometric shapes to make them finally shaped, which helps reduce the need for secondary processing. The casing of our monitoring equipment can meet the extreme weather requirements of heat resistance, cold resistance and corrosion resistance.

Die castings have high production efficiency and stable quality. Horibont can use aluminum, magnesium alloy and zinc alloy materials to die-cast the most advanced design standard parts. Our products and dimensional complexity are manufactured according to customer requirements. Through mechanical processing, die castings of different materials can reach the customer's most ideal state.

Precision machining capability

Whenever precision machining is required, Horibont will use advanced equipment to let the dedicated personnel operate to provide the highest level of precision products. Our other services include hard turning, high precision inner diameter, outer diameter and centerless grinding, deburring and heat treatment.

Surface treatment capacity

For products that require special surface treatment, we provide a full range of metal surface treatments and non-metallic coatings. We can provide many highly specialized surface treatments, as well as all the most common alloy surface treatments.

Working with Horibont

Horibont's team is proud of the consistently high level, high quality products, service and performance. We have established long-term strategic cooperative relations with manufacturers in many industries, including automation equipment, automobiles, medical equipment, communication equipment, semiconductor equipment, optical instruments, etc. We have extensive experience in making security equipment accessories, which enables us to provide customers with a one-stop solution. To work with a trusted leader to meet your needs for security equipment, please contact Horibont immediately.