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Hongkong Horibont Technology

Since 2008, Horibont is a value-added and one-stop service industrial components supplier of high-precision, high-complexity machined parts, die-casting parts, sheet metal, and surface services, and is a provider of comprehensive services for diverse end-markets. Our principal end-markets include automaiton& robotics(such as a robot, conveyor belt, stamping, and injection molding machine, CNC, etc), waterjet cutting, medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, communications equipment, security, automobiles, optical instruments, and other industries. The era of Industry 4.0 has arrived. More and more automated equipment and Robot replace labor, which relieves labor pressure for enterprises and greatly improves production efficiency under safe and stable conditions, creating unprecedented profits for end customers.

The needs of the automation machinery industry vary widely, and when customizing precision cnc component solutions to meet the industry's broad and complex needs, end-use customer stakeholders must pay special attention to details.

Our products are able to withstand high temperatures and wear resistance, and the key components allow customers to use the equipment safely and smoothly and meet the needs of efficient and productive economic production. And it also meets the actual needs of end customers. Our high-quality and high-precision products can provide customers with safe and durable products.

Capabilities for the Automation Sector

Product design and production

Horibont has rich experience and advanced technology to enable our professionals to produce a wide range of top quality standard automation equipment components

High Precision I.D. and O.D. Grinding

The process can process shaft parts with a diameter of 100 mm, length of 800 mm, roundness of 0.005 mm, and  cylindricity  of 0.001 mm. The inner hole machining range is from 3 mm to 80 mm.

Hard turning

Our hard turning process can machine parts with hardness over 52 HRC after heat treatment, maximum turning diameter of 300mm, turning length up to 1000mm, dimensions tolerance 0.01mm, and roughness Ra0.005mm

Precision I.D. and O.D. Grinding

This is used for shaft parts with diameter of 200 mm,length of 400 mm, diameter tolerance of 0.001 mm, and cylindricity of 0.005 mm.

Heat treatment and surface treatment

Horibont can provide a wide range of heat treatment and surface treatment solutions

Sheet metal:

We can complete the housing of the automation equipment by sheet metal and make surface treatment.


We also provide simple assembly services for customers. We purchase accessories and products of the same quality from China as required by customers and assemble and test them to meet customer requirements.

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At Horibont, we have always been proud of high-level service and high-quality products. We have established strong long-term cooperative relations with internationally renowned manufacturers in various industries.

Our goal is to provide one-stop solutions for all customers. To learn more about how Horibont can help you manufacture parts for automated machinery, please contact us.