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Precision metal and plastic parts supplier provide expert solutions for the automotive industry.


As a supplier of auto parts that can provide a wide range of precision metal and plastic parts solutions for the automotive industry.Our performance-critical parts help automakers  can help automakers meet the need to improve fuel economy and reduce emission standards while meeting the current customer demand for passenger cars and trucks.

The products we produce can withstand the harsh environments of high temperature and high pressure and wear resistance, providing automotive manufacturers with safe solutions and ensuring that they can provide safe and durable products to end customers.

Capabilities for automotive sector

Die castings we currently produce can support a variety of automotive applications, including:


Exhaust gas recirculation

Emission system

Transmission system

cooling system

Our products meet high dimensional tolerances and meet strict automotive industry performance requirements. And we can also provide customers with solutions for upgradeable parts, so that your car will show its style during the race.

Die casting and secondary processing

Horibtot's die castings meet all material specifications, including:



DIN standard


ISO Standard


We produce die castings with complex dimensions and geometric shapes into the final shape, which helps to minimize the need for secondary processing. Our die castings can meet the temperature and pressure requirements of the key performance components of modern automobiles.

Die castings have high production efficiency and stable quality. Horibont can use aluminum, magnesium alloy and zinc alloy materials to die cast the most advanced design standard parts. Our products and dimensional complexity are manufactured according to customer requirements. Through machining, the die-castings of different materials can reach the customer's most ideal state.

Aluminum alloy die-casting products have high performance, high precision, high toughness and corrosion resistance and the product surface has good roughness.

The die-cast products of magnesium alloy materials are light in weight, strong in rigidity and high in hardness. At the same time, the magnesium alloy material is an environmentally friendly material, which is an economical choice in the aviation field and the magnesium alloy product parts can prevent the interference of magnetic waves.

The product of die-casting zinc alloy material has complex structure, high precision, good mechanical resistance at normal temperature and good wear resistance.

Precision machining Capabilities

Whenever precision machining is required, Horibont will use advanced equipment to let the dedicated personnel operate to provide the highest level of precision products. Our other services include hard turning, high precision inner diameter, outer diameter and centerless grinding, deburring and heat treatment.

Surface treatment Capabilities

For products that require special surface treatment, we provide a full range of metal surface treatments and non-metallic coatings. We can provide many highly specialized surface treatments, as well as all the most common alloy surface treatments.

Working with Horibont

Our reputation for reliable, consistent quality and customer-centric services has earned us long-term relationships with internationally renowned industry leaders. We are regarded as a trusted partner by our customers to meet their needs for high precision and performance-critical automotive components.

In addition, Horibont is committed to serving our customers by providing one-stop solutions. includes:

On-site project team support

Rapid prototyping

Tooling design and production

High quality die casting

Precision machining

Heat treatment

Surface treatment


Delivery and support services

If you want to learn more about how Horibont supplies components for your automotive applications, or if you have questions about the one-stop solution we can provide, please contact us.