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Other Industries

Precision parts manufacturer-- Horibont provides customized equipment metal &plastic components and one-stop services for our customers in different industries.

Other Industies

The precision parts manufacturer Horibont provides our customers with a wide range of capabilities, including precision machining, die casting, sheet metal and surface treatment. Regardless of your industry, Horibont is the preferred source of complex, high-precision and mission-critical components.

Horibont cooperates extensively with automation equipment, automobiles, medical equipment, communication equipment, semiconductor equipment, optical instruments, etc. We also provide spare parts for other industries, including agricultural machinery equipment, printing equipment, lighting, OA office hardware, RC hobby toys , machine tool equipment, testing equipment, etc.

We also welcome customers inquiries from other industries. With years of experience and the sophisticated expertise of our engineering and manufacturing teams, we are confident that we can provide personalized solutions for any need.

Working With Horibont Industries

Although Horibont has been seeking to improve our capabilities in industries that already have strong businesses, we are also improving our manufacturing capabilities for other industries.

Horibont provides a one-stop solution that allows us to design components from a variety of materials. We have a high-skilled team that is not afraid of innovation, providing customers with sample parts, mass production and product special processes, inspections and product certifications.

Impro's production of die-cast components is a comprehensive process, including mold design and manufacturing, die casting, secondary processing, heat treatment and surface treatment and finishing. We supplement these services through market analysis, prototyping, product development, and logistics support.

Horibont can manufacture parts from a variety of materials. Regardless of its source, the parts we manufacture must undergo rigorous testing to ensure their integrity and improve their performance. Our engineering and manufacturing team ensures that only the highest quality components are delivered to our customers.

Whatever your industry or application, you can expect Horibont to provide ready-made products and services with speed and precision.  Get started on your next project by contacting our team immediately