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Quality Assurance
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Quality Assurance

Customer Satisfaction

As a precision parts manufacturer, we have always focused on customer satisfaction, and our one-stop service has received an effective and enthusiastic response. We make every effort to meet customer expectations at every stage. Our high-quality products and timely delivery time, business ethical policies, and competitive product prices have earned us a strong customer base. We have strong business in North America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Japan, and South Korea.

Quality control

Our quality control covers the entire project from project design and manufacturing to production and shipment. Our quality team provides the quality level of each stage and understands the progress of your project. New requirements from customers will be discussed with customers. Implement project quality standards and pre-job training for all qualified engineers and operators.

Quality Assurance

Manufacturing design and review of all projects.


Sample and production process inspection

Relevant testing and certification in accordance with customer standards.

Final inspection and test report and certification according to customer requirements.

Testing Facilities

All of our inspection equipment in Horibont, our quality engineers will send it to the authoritative company for verification according to ISO standards every year. We use the most effective quality inspection equipment, including CMM, 2D, projector, pin gauge, pass and stop gauge, micrometer, etc. to test the products of each project. Our quality team is constantly learning and discussing with customers with the latest test standards to ensure higher quality requirements.

Quality Policy

Exceed customer expectations , lead industry standards