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Medical &Healthcare Equipment
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Medical &Healthcare Equipment

edical & Healthcare Equipment

The components in the medical industry are precise and rigorous, and have durability and safety performance. At Horibont, we use precision machining parts,sheet metal parts and die castings to manufacture parts that meet a variety of medical & healthcare equipment and instruments.  Our manufacturing capabilities include: diagnostic equipment, biological system equipment, prosthetics, rehabilitation equipment and physiotherapy equipment and implants. We produce high-quality and value-added  medical equipment parts for the changing needs of our customers.

Through long-term cooperation with equipment manufacturers in the medical industry, our strict quality and manufacturing requirements have earned us a reputation. We always use advanced equipment and advanced technology and a professional team to provide customers with a comprehensive one-stop solution to produce and deliver high-quality medical industry products

For more information about our manufacturing capabilities and how to serve the medical industry, please contact our professional team.